Bhimas Deluxe hotel

Serving you the most delicious premium ice cream combinations is our simple yet profound mission at Ice Stone. Imagine silky, thick ice cream layered in handcrafted waffle bowls and cones, temptingly decorated with creative recipes and a few pieces of tasty mix-ins. We're not just here to satisfy your sweet tooth; we're here to elevate your ice cream experience to the next level, ensuring each visit is an unforgettable adventure.

Let's talk about ambiance now. Imagine entering an outstanding place for lovers of ice cream. You may relax in our carefully made ice cream delights or indulge your inner ice cream artist by creating your own masterpiece in Ice Stone's stylish and welcoming environment. It's a fantastic ice cream experience.It's an amazing ice cream experience where relaxed comfort and modern design come together perfectly.

Don't Wait any longer; come join us at Ice Stone in the Bhimas Deluxe Hotel in Tirupathi, and get ready for something extraordinary to happen when you eat ice cream. Simply put, life is too short not to enjoy every last delicious, creamy taste. Our goal is for each scoop you take to be a delightful, life-changing experience. Soon, see you!


Ice Stone

From classic favorites to unique and innovative flavors, there's something to delight every palate. We pride ourselves on creating an unforgettable ice cream experience.